FAQ aka What is…?

Watch this great three minute video from one of my favorite teachers:
Permaculture 101 with Penny Livingston Stark

What is Permaculture?
Here are a few answers:
• a word with many definitions and that comes from “permanent + agriculture” or “permanent + culture”
• a system of ecological design that shows us how we can meet human needs while regenerating the natural environment around us
• a way of thinking, living, and relating to our community and the land
• a design system that creates the harmonious integration of people and landscape –providing their food, energy, shelter, material, and non-material needs in a sustainable way
• the conscious design of ‘cultivated’ ecosystems that have the diversity, stability, and resiliency of natural ecosystems
• a design science that weaves together all the elements of sustainability; growing food, renewable energy, natural building etc. so that human needs are met while regenerating the health of the land at the same time.

What is Edible Forest Gardening?
• an application of permaculture that is specific to our region’s natural environment
• a consciously designed ecosystem that mimics the structure and function of temperate forests
• gardening like the forest, not necessarily in the forest, mimicking a forest’s diversity & resiliency
• a perennial polyculture of multipurpose plants with each filling at least 3 of 7 functions (The 7 Fs:  food, fiber, fun, “farmaceuticals”, fuel, fertilizer, fodder)

What is Edible Landscaping?
• replacing plants that are strictly pretty with plants that produce food or are useful in various ways, such as attracting pollinators
• a well-designed, colorful home landscape that makes efficient use of water, fuel/energy, money, labor, and time and becomes easier to maintain than “contemporary” landscaping
• can be very pretty to look at

What is Regenerative Design?
• design that creates resilient, diverse and stable systems where human live in a mutually enhancing relationship with the earth

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